BC White wine Release at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Well, Hello there wine enthusiasts of Vancouver and the world over.  I bring you yet another excerpt from the fine tutored tastings at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.  Now you may be wondering, why is a wine blogger posting a picture of a spot prawn.  Well there is a very good explanation for this.   This evening I was at the tutored tasting of BC White Wines and this little guy was the food pairing for the first wine.  Now on with the show!

Wine #1 – 2010 Trebbiano from Hester Creek Vineyards.

Hester Creek has a 95-acre estate, of which 70 acres is planted.  Hester Creek’s 70-acre vineyard on the South Okanagan’s “Golden Mile Bench” boasts some of the oldest vinifera bines in BC, dating back to 1968.  The fact that these vines are still thriving today and producing fruit with great depth and character is a testimony to how well-suited this site is for super premium wine grape production.  Hester Creek, from which the winery takes its name, forms the southern border of the vineyard.

As the Okanagan’s only Trebbiano, these vines are some of the oldest on the estate.  Made with selected yeasts and a cool ferment, the resulting wine is fruity and crisp.  The nose has apple, citrus and passion fruit, with mineral and grapefruit notes on the palate.  Enjoy with Asian food like Pad thai, spicy barbeque chicken, or an arrabiata pasta.

This was paired with shrimp this evening as well our little friend from up above the lovely spot prawn.  I found the Spot prawn cut through the acids nicely and gave the wine a rounder fuller flavor.

Alcohol: 13.8%
Available at BC Liquor stores for $22.99 per bottle.

Wine #2 – 2011 Tantalus Vineyards Riesling.

Fine Riesling has always been linked to the origin of its vineyard. Tantalus Riesling expresses the special nuances of our historic site here in South East Kelowna. Simply put, when you taste our Riesling you are experiencing our soil, our climate and the results of hand tending by our dedicated vineyard team. Each vintage tells the story of its particular growing season – the warmth of the sun, the cool evening temperatures and a thousand other processes that occurred naturally within the vineyard ecosystem.

Winemaker David Paterson describes the 2011 vintage as “pure aromatics of fresh guava, lime leaf and grapefruit zest, with subtle hints of wet stone and mineral. The palate is rich and inviting with flavours of candied lemon, juicy pear and granny smith apple. A refreshing line of natural acidity pulls the wine through to its laser focused, clean finish.”

The 2011 growing season trended towards the cooler end of the temperature scale for the Okanagan Valley. Riesling lovers who seek racy acidity and crisp, clean, citrus flavours will be rewarded. Vineyard practices were consistent with our ongoing approach to maintain vine balance and flavor intensity through sustainable viticulture practices, including hand weeding, organic nutrient additions and deficit irrigation. Our thriving beehive program is a testament to the health and vitality of our vineyard operations.

Tantalus Riesling is produced from 1985 and 2005 plantings of Mosel and Alsace clones, from 6 topographically different blocks in our 63 acre vineyard.

I also enjoyed this Riesling.  I know I’ve been on a Riesling kick or so it would seem.  This was enjoyed with a wedge of lemon, which like the spot prawn on the first wine helped to cut through the acid as well bring out more body.  It was also enjoyed with Sauerkraut and some sausage.

Available at BC Liquor stores for $22.90 per bottle.

Wine #3 – Siren’s Call Viognier.
Answer The Call
Sirens: Greek mythology’s most alluring seductresses. Their calls were known to entice men with unbreakable wills. Like those men, we were seduced by a call of our own. British Columbia’s finest vineyards have found us and their grapes have become our obsession — our calling. And so the result is a unique collection of premium wines crafted with robust flavors, notes of sophistication and unswayable temptation.

We have answered the call and now bring it to you. This is Siren’s Call.

Siren’s Call 2011 Viognier 

This Rhone-style blend marries Viognier from two vineyards: Naramata’s Corbishley Road and the Golden Mile in Oliver. Look for intense floral and mineral tones, peaches, pears, apple core, honey, lime juice and grapefruit on the nose. Remarkably true on the palate, the flavourful acids and mineral notes are centre stage.

This wine was paired very nicely with some buttered popcorn.  The mineral notes complimented the rich buttery flavor of the popcorn well.

Alcohol: 10.7%

Available at private wine shops for $26.99 per bottle.

Wine #4 – Misconduct Wine Co.’s 2009 Chenin Blanc Viognier.

The Suspect Series

Currently consisting of 2009 Chenin Blanc/Viognier, 2008 Syrah/Malbec & 2009 Pinot Noir, these wines are a deconstruction of our Boot Leg Series. Single components of wine that are assessed and elevated above all else to create serious and cellarable wines.


Chenin Blanc Viognier Vintage: 2009

The suspects are lined up and ready to put away! The spotlight is shining on the following suspects: Syrah Malbec


A blend of 69% Chenin Blanc & 31% Viognier.
Whole cluster, soft press, cold fermentation. 100% stainless steel.


Vibrant with subtle tones of sun bleached straw hat. Fresh grapefruit, gooseberry and orange blossom bouquet. Cantaloupe with soft spice and limestone notes. Juicy Anjou pear, nectarine and golden delicious apple note with hints of liquorice root. Fresh white peach and soft star anise on the finish. Intense nose juicy palate, long soft finish.


A light salad, fish, chicken, or a spicy Asian or Hispanic dish.

This wine was also paired with buttered popcorn.

Alcohol: 18%
Available at private wine stores for $24 per bottle.

Wine #5 – 2011 Hillside Winery’s Muscat Ottonel.
Made from 100% Muscat Ottonel from mature vines on our estate, this wine has developed a cult following. Moderate summer temperatures and a long season produced grapes of true varietal expression. This wine has lovely floral aromas and hints of spice.This Wine pairs nicely with thai food, picnics and fresh air!  It was enjoyed this evening with a spicy thai salad which brought forth it’s flavors nicely.  I would say the salad enhanced the flavors of this wine and brought them to the forefront of the palate.Alcohol: 11.5%
Available at private liquor stores for $21.99 per bottle.

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